Weddings to Celebrate: Christel & Geoff

I am so excited to share some photos from Christel and Geoff's Wedding! Their wedding was just this past May and it was a beautiful day. They are a wonderful couple and I was so happy to be apart of their day as the ceremony coordinator. Below are some photographs taken by Chris with Delight Studio.

Breanna Rogers

[Cast of Venders]
Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Church; Galveston, Texas
Reception Venue: San Luis Resort; Galveston, Texas
Ceremony Coordinator: Something to Celebrate; Breanna Rogers
Photographer/Videographer: Delight Studio, Chris
Florist: Island Flowers, Connie Dryden
Ceremony Music: Suzanna Bucher
Bakery: Fiona Bakery

To top or not to top?

Cake toppers. An easy and fun way to add more color or personality to your dessert table. Besides your new initials or a floral topper, both great options, below are some fun ideas for something different. Get creative and let it be something that reflects you and your new hubby!

Hand-cut paper by Frances and Francis

Gum paste hearts by Signe Sugar

Vintage-inspired couture topper by Debra Moreland for BHLDN

Porcelain blossoms by BHLDN

 Swan lovebirds by BHLDN

Custom acrylic silhouettes by Simply Silhouettes

Customized wood topper by Better off Wed

Vintage example from Martha Stewart Weddings

Robot and his lady for the quirky bride, by Melabo Wed

Personalized ceramic hearts by Susabellas

Choosing a Cake Topper

Cake toppers are fun way to bring your interest and personality to your wedding. There are tons of different styles to make sure that your cake topper truly represents you and your fiancé's taste. You can choose from fresh flowers, fresh fruit or sugar flowers, which are all stunningly beautiful, or you can pick a topper that can be saved and used for a later date, such as an anniversary, renewing of the vows or your children's weddings. The keepsake toppers can range from a monogram to a Disney couple and everything in-between. 

Happy Planning!


* the last five photos are from Pinterest

Wedding Cakes

Who doesn't love cake? For me it's one of my favorite parts of a wedding. Not only are cakes super yummy, they are also beautiful! To find the perfect cake for your wedding choose something that matches your personality and the style of your wedding. There are so many ways to jazz up a traditional white cake and still keep it simple and elegant, such as adding ribbon, flowers or designs in the icing. Those that are looking for something a little more bold, go for a cake full of color and fun. Here are some lovely examples I found on Pinterest. 

Happy Planning!

Wedding Cake Alternatives

My husband and I didn't have a wedding cake at our reception (I know, gasp!!!). Our venue provided dessert, so we chose to use that as our dessert entree. We did give out cake balls and mini cupcakes as favors and used them to do the ceremonial "cake cutting/feed each other cake" exchange for the cameras. It got me to thinking about couples out there who decide, for one reason or another, that they would rather not have a traditional wedding cake at their reception. Well recent wedding trends provide so many options for these couples. Even if you decide to have a traditional wedding cake at your reception, you can still incorporate one or more of these options to give your guests variety. Check it out...

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Groom's Cake

A groom's cake is a tradition that started, and is still associated with, the South. It's a gift from the bride to the groom, and usually chocolate, but can really be any flavor. The groom's cake is smaller than the wedding cake and reflects a particular hobby or interest of the groom. Traditionally, the groom's cake was not served at the reception, but sliced and given to guests as a wedding favor. Something new I learned was that single women would take home their slice and sleep with it under their pillow, so they would dream about their future husbands. Lately, the groom's cake is usually served at the reception along with the wedding cake.

I found some very interesting and unique ideas for a groom's cake; some of my favorites are shown below.

This guitar cake for the musical groom looks awesome, and I'm sure it tastes amazing as well. Photo credit here.

This Xbox 360 cake is for the groom that loves to game. Photo credit here.

I thought this one was a really funny idea for the groom that's obsessed with his iPad. Photo credit here.

Finally, what guy is not obsessed with cars? This could be a good way to let the groom have his perfect dream car.. without it costing nearly as much as a real one. Photo credit here.

I personally think having a groom's cake is such a great idea because it gives your future husband something at the wedding that is all about him. He can choose his favorite flavor, design it into whatever he loves, and it can tell a great story about him - or even a cute story about the couple.