Weddings to Celebrate: Christel & Geoff

I am so excited to share some photos from Christel and Geoff's Wedding! Their wedding was just this past May and it was a beautiful day. They are a wonderful couple and I was so happy to be apart of their day as the ceremony coordinator. Below are some photographs taken by Chris with Delight Studio.

Breanna Rogers

[Cast of Venders]
Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Church; Galveston, Texas
Reception Venue: San Luis Resort; Galveston, Texas
Ceremony Coordinator: Something to Celebrate; Breanna Rogers
Photographer/Videographer: Delight Studio, Chris
Florist: Island Flowers, Connie Dryden
Ceremony Music: Suzanna Bucher
Bakery: Fiona Bakery

Engagements to Celebrate: Christel and Geoff

Christel and Geoff are an adorable couple that I am so happy to work with! They are high school sweet hearts and have a precious baby girl, who is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. They are having their ceremony at The Sacred Heart Church and their reception at The San Luis Resort, both on Galveston Island. Their engagement pictures were taken on Galveston Island by David Miyauchi from Delight Studio. Enjoy!


Weddings to Celebrate: Maricela & Brooks

This past May I had the pleasure of coordinating the day-of events for Maricela and Brooks' wedding in Galveston, TX. I've known Brooks' most of my life (we grew up in the same very small central Texas town), and I instantly fell in love with Maricela. They compliment each other perfectly, and I know they will have a lifetime of happiness. Not to mention the most adorable (and extremely TALL) children. :-) Here are a few of the sensational shots taken by photographer-extraordinaire Scott Kelly.

Oh! And I should also mention: Maricela & Brooks own BB's Cafe. Their newest location is in The Heights, just a few blocks from our office. If you haven't dined with BB's before, you should. The food is cajun / tex-mex fusion, and it is soooo YUMMY!


Cast of Vendors:

Coordinator: Something to Celebrate, Resha Zazueta
Venues: Menard House / Roof Garden / San Luis Resort
Photographer: Scott Kelly
Florist: Knapp Flower Shop
Catering Staff: BB's Cafe
Cakes: Chopin Mon Ami
Band: The Spiffingtons
Rentals: Majestic Linens / One Stop Party Shop
Carriage: Seahorse Carriage
Limos & Shuttles: Galveston Limo Service

Weddings to Celebrate: Jennifer & Artie

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Deep sigh. Small tear. I love this couple.

Jennifer, Artie and I began planning their wedding last February - and it has been one of the best planning processes of my career. Rarely do I see two people who have such a great connection with one another. The instant you meet them, you know they are perfect for one another. And you can also see what terrific people they are in general. Fun, funny, smart and sweet - you couldn't ask for better clients. Every single vendor LOVED THEM. And it's hard not to. They are the type of people that have opinions, but also trust that you will steer them in the right direction. We spent a lot of time creating the decor for this wedding. It was a collaborative effort between myself, Mrs. Jennifer herself, and from visionaries Rob Smith (Events In Bloom) and Joe Zuniga (Impressive Events). Here are just a few of the knock-out pictures photography genius Chip Gillespie (shooting for Studio 563) took. If you don't know Chip, you should. Guys - I am so glad we were put in each others' paths. It was an honor to help you plan your big day. xoxo,


STELLER Cast of Vendors. This is event would not have been as amazing without each and every one of them:
Venue/Catering: Hotel Galvez - Angie Westhoff and team
Coordinator: Something to Celebrate, Resha Zazueta
Photographer: Studio 563, Chip Gillespie
Videographer: Alexander Wedding Films, Alex White
Florist / Linens: Events In Bloom, Rob Smith
Lighting & MC: Impressive Events, Joe Zuniga
Cake: Cakes by Gina (Can you say YUM?!)
Candy Buffet: Sugar Bunch Creations (I am SO GLAD we hired them.)
Band: Platinum Band (A-MAZING)

Hard at Work

As I've said before, we try hard to stay out of wedding-day pictures. However, we occasionally end up in some of the non-pro pics the wedding guests take. I couldn't help but post this one, taken two weekends ago by one of Jennifer & Artie's wedding guests. I was showing Jennifer how to cut the cake. What you don't see is that after I showed them, I backed FAR away from the table and ducked down. :-P If you can't laugh at yourself, what can you laugh about? Yes, the cake is almost as tall as I am. In my defense, I don't wear heels on a wedding day. And being short helps me blend in with the crowd. :-) I can't WAIT to show you the professional pictures from this fabulously STUNNING wedding. After 13 months of planning, everything turned out perfectly. Plus I got to walk away with two new and very dear friends. Love you guys!

Real Couples: Jennifer & Artie

Meet Jennifer & Artie! Words can not describe how much I love these two. Maybe I'm a *bit* biased, but I really think I'm blessed with the best couples. You'll see a question below that asks who will cry first on their wedding day. Well, it will probably be me. Read more about them below...
Names: Jennifer & Artie

Where's home?: Houston, Texas
Why a Houston Wedding? We are actually getting married south of Houston in Galveston, Texas. Galveston holds a lot of special memories for us. Our first date, sunny days on the beach, where he proposed...and now where we are getting married. Our heart is by the water.

Length of engagement?: 13 months (Oh my, I hope that's not unlucky - quick, knock on wood!)

How long until the wedding?: Exactly one year from now!

Who did you first tell you were engaged?: Artie schemed up a surprise engagement party on the day he proposed. He asked me to marry him in Galveston and then we went straight to tell my parents and, SURPRISE, all of our family and friends were there to celebrate with us. So really, almost everyone knew before I did. He gets major brownie points for that day! It was perfect.
If you had to start over in your wedding planning, what one thing would you do differently?: Not a thing. Thank goodness we found Resha right away - she was an answer to our prayers! We have just adored this process so far.

During the ceremony, who will be the first to cry?: Artie likes to say that on our wedding day all of the single women in America will be heartbroken and in tears because he will "officially be off the market"...this is usually when I start laughing.

What are your three favorite blogs/websites (besides STC's)?: I check StyleMePretty compulsively. I am not ashamed to say that I'm a SMP addict.

When selecting someone to entrust with your wedding day, why did you choose STC?: Oh man, where do I begin? We contacted several event coordinators and it was obvious from the beginning that Resha was head and shoulders above the rest. It only took minutes into our first meeting before we were laughing, joking and just being ourselves. We trust her completely with our big day. She's pretty much the bomb-diggity.

Guys - It is an honor to help you with your big day. I think I'm as excited as you are!

Much love, Resha