For the Groom: Gifts for Your Groomsmen

For all your Grooms out there, below are some fun gift ideas to thank those awesome guys in your life!


Gifts for Your Groomsmen

  1. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag 
  2. Harry's Shave Kit - {Can be found locally at STAG Provisions for Men in Austin}
  3. Monogrammed Steak Brand
  4. Hand Forged Railroad Spike Bottle Opener - {Can be customized with name stamping}
  5. Whiskey Stones 
  6. Manready Wax Dipped Glassware - {Can be found locally at Reserve Supply Company in Houston}
  7. Daneson Scotch Toothpicks - {Can be found locally at STAG Provisions for Men in Austin}
  8. Stanley 8oz. Adventure Flask in Brushed Navy - {Can be found locally at Reserve Supply Company in Houston}
  9. Laser Engraved Cigar Boxes

Groom's Cake

A groom's cake is a tradition that started, and is still associated with, the South. It's a gift from the bride to the groom, and usually chocolate, but can really be any flavor. The groom's cake is smaller than the wedding cake and reflects a particular hobby or interest of the groom. Traditionally, the groom's cake was not served at the reception, but sliced and given to guests as a wedding favor. Something new I learned was that single women would take home their slice and sleep with it under their pillow, so they would dream about their future husbands. Lately, the groom's cake is usually served at the reception along with the wedding cake.

I found some very interesting and unique ideas for a groom's cake; some of my favorites are shown below.

This guitar cake for the musical groom looks awesome, and I'm sure it tastes amazing as well. Photo credit here.

This Xbox 360 cake is for the groom that loves to game. Photo credit here.

I thought this one was a really funny idea for the groom that's obsessed with his iPad. Photo credit here.

Finally, what guy is not obsessed with cars? This could be a good way to let the groom have his perfect dream car.. without it costing nearly as much as a real one. Photo credit here.

I personally think having a groom's cake is such a great idea because it gives your future husband something at the wedding that is all about him. He can choose his favorite flavor, design it into whatever he loves, and it can tell a great story about him - or even a cute story about the couple.


For all you Grooms out there!

Images: David White, interior of V's Barbershop

Are you interested in a day of manly pampering for you and your groomsmen? Well, V's Barbershop is the place to be! This old school barbershop with its black and white checkered floors and leather barber chairs is offering the "Big Day" package. The package includes "The Works" which is a shampoo, haircut, shave and shoeshine plus a complimentary cigar. Nothing is better than a day of relaxation before the big day!
V's Barbershop is located in the River Oaks Shopping Center at 2040 West Gray Street. You can contact them at 713.527.4442.

Happy Grooming!
Lauren Carrillo