Engagements To Celebrate: Michelle & Galen

I am so excited for Michelle & Galen's wedding this weekend! They are getting married at The Houston Museum of Natural Science and afterward, they'll dance under the dinosaurs! It's going to be so much fun!

These two love birds are adorable and I can't wait to see Lori's work from the big day!


Engagements to Celebrate: Jillian & Chad

Jillian and Chad are getting married this coming November at Mercury Hall. I just couldn't resist sharing these absolutely gorgeous photos from their engagement shoot at Le San Michele with Taylor Lord Photography. I'm so excited to work with Taylor and with this sweet couple!

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-03.JPG

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-27.JPG

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-07.JPG
Don't you love that red dress!?!

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-11.JPG

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-12.JPG

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-29.JPG

Austin Film Photographer Taylor Lord-19.JPG

Engagements to Celebrate: Christel and Geoff

Christel and Geoff are an adorable couple that I am so happy to work with! They are high school sweet hearts and have a precious baby girl, who is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. They are having their ceremony at The Sacred Heart Church and their reception at The San Luis Resort, both on Galveston Island. Their engagement pictures were taken on Galveston Island by David Miyauchi from Delight Studio. Enjoy!


Engagements to Celebrate: Kate & Cavan

These two could not be cooler. Kate is the co-owner and photographer at Peekaboo Boudoir here in Austin, so you know she chose a super-cool photographer to capture their special day. Briana Purser, people. It's refreshing to see work that is intriguing, artsy and edgy, all at the same time. She has a unique vibe going on, and I'm digging it!
For their engagement session, they chose to shoot at Bastrop State Park, and I think it turned out great. I am so excited to work with Briana in September at Mercury Hall, AND so excited to share in Kate and Cavan's day.

This photo sums Kate up: laughing and smiling all the time! What fun clients I have!