Weddings To Celebrate :: Jen and Andy

Ahh I loved working with Jen and Andy! From design to the selection of just about every vendor, we spent a lot of time together, and I miss them already!

Enjoy these pictures from our ever-talented office-mate, Tyler Schmitt of The Mill Photography Studio.

Jen + Andy - let's do it again!! :)

Cast of vendors:

Weddings to Celebrate: Lily And Aj :: Sunflowers and Lavender Wedding at The Mansion, Austin

I miss working with Lily and AJ! These two are so sweet and smart and just an overall delight to be around. I sincerely enjoyed working with them, and designing their Sunflowers and Lavender wedding.  I'm thrilled to be able to share these pictures with you, via the ever talented Lisa Woods Photography.

Lily and AJ - Mazel Tov!


Hotel Welcome Bags (we filled them with custom Hey Cupcakes, Tito's, AustiNuts, Franklin BBQ Sauce, and Texas Tea)

the mansion, austin

Lavender Door Wreaths

Programs and Kippot


Groom's Tisch

Bride's Kabbalat Panim


Sunflowers and Lavender



Escort Cards

Lavender Lemonade

Hora! A bit scary when the chairs don't have arms, but still fun! ;)

Making it rain lavender

Lavender Sachet Favors


Lavender send-off

Cast of Vendors:
Coordinator - Jessica Moore with Something To Celebrate
Venue - TFWC Mansion
Catering - Primizie
Cake - Simon Lee
Florals - Last Petal
Print - The Inviting Pear
Photographer - Lisa Woods Photography
Videographer - Altared
Music - Milkdrive
Lighting - Ilios
Rentals - Marquee
Transportation - Transportation Consultants
Hair & Makeup - Pamela's Beauty Secrets

Engagements to Celebrate: Christel and Geoff

Christel and Geoff are an adorable couple that I am so happy to work with! They are high school sweet hearts and have a precious baby girl, who is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. They are having their ceremony at The Sacred Heart Church and their reception at The San Luis Resort, both on Galveston Island. Their engagement pictures were taken on Galveston Island by David Miyauchi from Delight Studio. Enjoy!


Cigar Rollers

Although the wedding day tends to be the Brides day, it can always be fun to include a few things for the Groom. Ways to include the Groom's taste into the wedding could be by picking his favorite food and/or dessert to serve at the wedding or incorporating his favorite color into the color theme. Another way to include the Groom is to have something special for him and the other men at the wedding. One way to do this is to have a cigar roller at the reception. I was at a wedding with a cigar roller and the men loved it! As soon as they were told about it, many of them went straight over and picked up a freshly rolled cigar. Here are a few images from that wedding to inspire you. 

Happy Planning!


Weddings to Celebrate :: Lindsey and Laron, Mansion at Judges Hill

I love these two. Really. LOVE them. :)
I was helping one of my clients secure her wedding venue when the venue rep let us know that "Sorry, but our other sales person just booked that date." So we secured another date, no problem. But then a few weeks later, the venue rep came back and said the original date was now open.
Enter Lindsey and Laron.
Lindsey and Laron had originally booked the popular date, but then found out Laron was going to be deployed. This hiccup resulted in postponing the wedding one year, and Lindsey having to do most of the planning without Laron on the same continent. Laron didn't want Lindsey to feel she was navigating wedding planning on her own, so they came to me for help with everything from design to vendor selection. And I am so glad they did.
These two people are quite possibly the kindest people God has placed on this earth. It was a joy to get to know Lindsey and Laron in our 1.5 years working together, and truly an honor to be a part of their wedding celebration. I'm thrilled to share these pictures with you - enjoy!

Lindsey and Laron - what can I say? Thank you for choosing me. And thank you for trusting me with your wedding. I miss you! Hope you're loving your new life as husband and wife, in Germany!
Much love,

A page from the design board that I created for Lindsey and Laron

Flower Inspiration page from the design board I created

Texas music legend Jerry Jeff Walker made a surprise appearance.
The only people who knew ahead of time were the groom's parents
and us. Such a fun surprise to pull-off!



Be sure to check out Lindsey and Laron's wedding video as well.

Cast of Vendors:
Jessica Moore, Something To Celebrate wedding and event coordination
The Mansion at Judges Hill
The Mill Photography Studio
Joe Simon Wedding Films
Flora Fetish
Michelle's Patisserie
Mike Rinehart
Kevin Smith, FC Media
Ilios Lighting
Maris Malone Calderon

Weddings To Celebrate :: Elizabeth and Matt, Laguna Gloria

I had the pleasure of being the "day of" wedding coordinator for Elizabeth and Matt at Laguna Gloria. Like most of our Austin clients, Elizabeth and Matt live out-of-state, so we met only once before their big weekend, and the majority of our collaboration was over the phone or email. These two are genuinely good people, and it was such an honor to help them enjoy their day.

Elizabeth and Matt - congratulations! Thank you for trusting me with the details of your celebration. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit, and look forward to Facebook updates. :) If anyone captured video of the special song your friends composed/performed for you, I'd love to see it! That was an impressive performance!


Pictures by Amelia Tarbet.

It was Elizabeth's birthday, and her wedding day!

Cast of Vendors:
Something To Celebrate - Jessica Moore
AMOA Laguna Gloria
Primizie Catering
Michelle's Patisserie
Petal Pushers
Amelia Tarbet
Mark A Cruz
Los Brillantes
London Calling
Ilios Lighting
Tiff's Treats
Uptown Valet

Weddings to Celebrate :: Leslie and Andy {Barton Creek Resort, Austin, TX}

Mood Board page from the Design Board I created for Leslie's wedding

Classic, lush, stunning.... this wedding was so much fun to design! Leslie and her mother, Kay, hired me about one year prior to help with their long-distance planning. We spent a lot of time together, and the hard work paid off. So excited to show you the images, captured by Stacy Cross! At the end, I've also included a video preview that you don't want to miss.

Leslie and Kay - thank you so much for choosing me. Your attention to detail and aspirations for perfection were a delight to work with. I miss working with you ladies!

Leslie and Andy - congratulations!! Your celebration was one for the books, and it was such a joy to see you enjoy every second of it. :)

Much love to the three of you!

Not sure who was more emotional - Leslie or her sister. :) Love.

Leslie and Andy were able to spend some time together after their "First Look."

Gorgeous people!

Barton Creek Resort :: Pavilion

Aisle marker in urn by David Kurio Designs

Truly a collaborative creation, we spend a lot of time planning this Chuppah. Couldn't be more pleased with what David Kurio produced!

Two of the three table designs

Third table design in ballroom. Picture Display in atrium.

Amazing dessert display - bananas foster, creme brûlée, and a large assortment of truffles, parfaits, cheesecake bites, etc. Lovely.


Leslie & Andy, the Introduction from Chris P. Jones on Vimeo.

Cast of Vendors:
Jessica Moore of Something To Celebrate
Barton Creek Resort
Stacy Cross Photography
Mason Jar Productions
David Kurio Designs
Dennis Prager
Collector's Item
High Island Hepcats
Emerald Entertainment
BBJ Linen
Marquee Event Group
Ilios Lighting
Say Cheese
Pamela's Beauty Secrets
Maris Malone Calderon Makeup Artistry

Weddings to Celebrate :: Tori and Robby, Red Corral Ranch, Wimberley

Ahh my heart is at Red Corral Ranch. As I get ready for this weekend's wedding at Red Corral Ranch, I can't help but think of my last wedding at the same venue, with a bride of the same name (this weekend Tori S, last wedding was Tori D)!

Tori was sent to me by one of my favorite brides, Lisa, and I helped Tori and Robby with just about every aspect of their wedding. There's was a beautiful and FUN celebration, and I'm so excited to share the images captured by Bloom Photography.

Tori and Robby - thank you so much for choosing me to help with your amazing day. I truly had a blast working with you, and miss you already! Congratulations to you both!


Mood Board page from the Design Board I created for Tori and Robby
A page from the Design Board I created for Tori and Robby

I love fiddlehead fern! Such a whimsy but elegant touch.

Love these two!

Hayride from cocktail hour to reception, with a few mariachis on-board

Cast of vendors:
Jessica Moore, with Jacklyn Rudd, of Something To Celebrate

Weddings to Celebrate :: Jessica and Joel - Four Seasons, Austin

Ahhhh I loved working with this family. I was the "day of" coordinator for Jessica so we didn't spend a lot of time together, but the time we did have was spent with her whole family, and boy they're a hoot!

Jessica was referred to me by Leslie, who will be getting married this weekend at Barton Creek Resort. Thank you for the referral, Leslie! There is no greater compliment.

Jessica and Joel - thank you for trusting me with the details of your gorgeous wedding day. I am so thrilled to have gotten to know you and your families, and am so excited to see what the future holds for you guys. See you on Saturday at Leslie's wedding! :)


Pictures by the ridiculously talented Tyler Schmitt, who also happens to be our Austin officemate:

Groom's Tisch
Bride's Kabbalat Panim
Gorgeous Chuppah by Last Petal (they did the stage treatment as well)
One of my favorite bands - Blind Date. They're so shy... Ha!

Love these escort cards. Big KUDOS to my team, Holly and Jacklyn, for setting these up! No small task, as they were a bit top heavy and would easily start a domino effect if even slightly bumped.


Cast of Vendors:
Something To Celebrate
Four Seasons
Will Taylor and Strings Attached
Blind Date
The Mill Photography Studio
Last Petal Floral Studio
Capital Wedding Videos
Pamela's Beauty Secrets
Maris Malone Calderon Makeup Artistry

Vendors to Celebate :: Scott Stater Photography

Last year, we were thrilled when Scott Stater gifted a free session to one of our clients, no strings attached. Lisa was the lucky recipient, and she couldn't have been more pleased with the bridal session with Scott. Here's what she emailed to me when she received the photos, followed by some images from her session. Gorgeous! And stay tuned for my next blog post, featuring Lisa's amazing wedding day!

I think they turned out great!!  I owe it to my hair dresser, make up artist and especially Scott's great photography..

I want to give my honest opinion about Scott.  He was absolutelyamazing to work with.  From the time we booked  the session there werefollow up calls/emails to ensure I got the shots I wanted.  He planned
the setting and the style of the shots around my wants and needs. More than any other vendor he made the effort to contact me and ensure I was taken care of. I had full confidence that he was in control of the entire process. He was also great to work with during the shoot and made me feel completely comfortable.  I know you wanted my opinion and I have nothing but the highest praise for Scott's work.  I would highly urge you to book with him again.  And you know me, I wouldn't
just say that :) I'm sure I'm biased but I've never seen more incredible photos. LOL  I
love them!!
Anyway, thank YOU for giving me the chance to win this session on your blog.  You've been a true blessing to my wedding.
Love you tons Jess!! :)

Weddings to Celebrate - Heather and Max

Heather and Max hired me to help with the day-of execution for their wedding at the beautiful Texas Federation of Womens Clubs Mansion (aka "The Mansion"). I loved working with Heather - not only is she gorgeous (see below!) but she's hilarious! And, it didn't take long to see that Max shares her sense of humor. :) These two are going to have a marriage full of laughs.

Beautiful pictures by Cassie of Cassie Rose Photography (I love Cassie - former STC bride, and former STC intern, many moons ago). :)

Heather and Max - thank you so much for trusting me with your day. And teaching me what it means to be iced! Ha! ;)

See you on facebook!

Cast of vendors:
Something To Celebrate
DNA Events
Salt Lick
Simon Lee
Last Petal
Cassie Rose Photography
Mark A Cruz
FC Media

Engagement Session (featuring Lora and Derek, with Sweet Caroline Photo)

Should you do an engagement session? Absolutely. Yes. Definitely.  :)

Here's why:
  • You get to know your photographer, and vice versa. I notice a discernible difference in my clients who have Engagement Sessions with their wedding photographers. On the wedding day, these clients are much more at ease with their photographer, which allows the photographer to capture more genuine and intimate emotions.
  • Engagement Sessions are a great way to see how you'll work with your photographer, before the wedding day. I have had one client who actually chose to go with a different photographer for their wedding, because the engagement session showed them that they didn't enjoy working with that particular photographer.
  • You're young, you're fabulous.... you need to capture this time of your life while wearing something other than formal wear or a bridal gown. Excellent photos that capture you as a couple, in the place(s) that are important to you.
  • Guestbooks that incorporate engagement pictures are awesome. The photographer provides an album of images from your Engagement Session, with lots of white/neutral space. Guests love flipping through the books, finding their favorite images to sign around. And the guestbook is then worthy of coffee table display, rather than being tucked on a bookshelf, rarely to be seen again.
  • Save-The-Dates are more personal when they incorporate a picture of you guys, and even better if it's a stunning, professional picture.
When considering your photographer budget and customizing your package, be sure to seriously consider adding an engagement session.

Check out these fun engagement shots of STC couple Lora and Derek, who will be getting married this October. They did their Engagement Session with their wedding photographer, Sweet Caroline Photo.

Happy planning!

This weekend's wedding

Bea and Sam are getting married this weekend, and I am so excited! Love this couple (and her mom!). I can't wait to share their day with you!

In the meantime, an engagement photo of Bea and Sam courtesy of Ben Godkin. Aren't they gorgeous??

You should check out Bea's blog, as well.


Weddings to Celebrate :: Shira and Kumar!

He's a software engineer by day, DJ by night. She's an artsy graphic design type person with a photography/painting background. They live in Chicago and chose Austin as the destination for their comfortable, quaint, a bit quirky, outdoorsy and undeniably charming wedding.

Shira and Kumar are genuinely sweet people - possibly the sweetest people on earth. They hired me at the end of last year for day-of coordination plus help with some planning. Shira was sweet enough to send me a congratulatory card when my son was born in May - thoughtful and sweet. Love these two. :) And love their pictures! Check them out.

Shira and Kumar - thank you so much for trusting me with your day! It was a true pleasure to work with you and I have no doubt your marriage will be a long and happy one. I'm excited for our wrap-up phone call tomorrow!!  :)


Their invitations were screen printed. On wood! How cool is that.

Shira's family values traditions. The heirlooms were breath-taking.

Mother-in-law to-be (in just a couple of hours at this point)

Love the hats. Kumar's family traveled from England for the nuptials, and brought a little bit of English tradition with them.

Earrings worn by other brides in Shira's family.

Escort cards. Guests' names on front, table assignment on back.

Mazel Tov!


You know it's a good party when someone grabs grandpa's cane for an impromptu limbo -ha!

Cast of Vendors:
Something To Celebrate
Royal Fig Catering
SMS Photography
Last Petal
Stardust Pastry
The Inn at Wild Rose Hall
Transportation Consultants
Friends of Sound

Weddings to Celebrate :: Jessica and Michael!

Jessica hired me for day-of coordination, plus help finding her venue and developing design. At our first meeting, the thing she said that most stuck out to me was chandeliers..... Jessica LOVES chandeliers! Let the fun begin.

I knew Jessica would love The Mansion at Judges Hill. Not only was it just the right size for her guest count, but the ballroom has, of course, gorgeous chandeliers! Perfect.

Jessica and Mikey - thank you so much for trusting me with your amazing day. I really loved working with you, and was so impressed with your laidback attitudes throughout. Particularly impressive was the way Jessica handled the rain decision when I presented her with the forecast (chance of rain peaks at 30% right at ceremony time - chance guests getting wet, or move to a less-desirable but dry backdrop? Jessica definitely made the right choice.). And, who knew Jessica knew every step to Thriller!? Haha. :) Many blessings for you two. I have no doubt your marriage will be a happy one.


Here are some pics by the fabulous Eric Von of Studio563:

Cast of vendors:
Something To Celebrate
The Mansion at Judges Hill
Krissy's Cakes
Dolores Rumpf
Capital Wedding Video
Altared Wedding Productions

Free Engagement or Bridal Photo Session!

Scott Stater Photography is offering a free session to a lucky Something to Celebrate client. With no obligation or cost, you will receive:
  • Engagement or Bridal session (in Austin or Bay Area)
  • Online gallery of 20-30 images
  • Between 20-30 retouched, high-resolution images on CD (includes print release)
Scott is a Austin and Bay Area wedding photographer specializing in creating honest, unique and beautiful images. Please check out his website for more info.

To be considered for this awesome give-away, email with your location and wedding date. Good luck!

Here's some of Scott's work:

Camp Lucy

Last week, Lorena and I had the privilege of visiting Camp Lucy. Lorena featured this venue before on this blog, and there's been lots of talk about Camp Lucy throughout the wedding industry. Now that I've seen it first hand, I can vouch that Camp Lucy is worth the hype!

This venue is gorgeous. The owner bought a Vietnamese church and then disassembled and shipped it to the Texas hill country where it was reconstructed in gorgeous splendor. I was so glad to bump into photographer Matt Johnson there, as my iPhone camera just didn't do the venue justice (maybe one day, when I get the 4G, but I digress...).

Camp Lucy is hosting its first professional wedding next month - it has previously hosted two weddings for family members. So excited for Lorena to coordinate Brittney's wedding at Camp Lucy this December!
Here are some of Matt's shots - check out his blog for more:

Love this cottage - the Bride's House.

Main room of Bride's House

Restroom of Bride's House

Amazing chapel. The pavilion is almost identical, but with open sides.

The Camp Lucy heart logo is found throughout the property.

We're excited to coordinate many weddings at Camp Lucy. :)

Matching bridal shoes with grooms socks

Running out of ideas for cute pictures to bring out you and your fiances' personality? Many of our couples have had their bridal shoes match the grooms socks. Not only is it a great way to bring out your wedding colors it could even help you with your "something blue." Totally love this idea and I think it would make for a fun picture. You can even get all the groomsmen socks to be color coded with the bridesmaid shoes.

Free Engagement Photo Session!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Austin photographer Matt Johnson over coffee. Matt would like to work with us, so he's offered one of our lucky clients a free 90-minute engagement session, and you get a CD of the images with reprint rights!

For your chance to win this great gift, you must be a current Something To Celebrate client. Just send a quick email to and let us know you're interested. Winner will be notified via email in one week.

Happy Monday! :)

Jenn + Jay = Married!

Ahhhh, I love weddings. :) I love being a witness to the joining of two people who are clearly head-over-heels in love. And I love being able to help those lovebirds enjoy every second of their amazing day.

Jenn and Jay came to me via Darlene, one of my favorite former brides. They were looking for a day-of coordinator because they didn't want to deal with any stress on their wedding day. So smart.

Theirs ended up being a rainy day. But not to worry - I have lots of experience with rain plans at The Wildflower Center. We moved everything into the Gallery without a problem, thanks to a fabulous team of vendors (and my two fantastic assistants - Lauren and Celia).

Jenn and Jay - thank you so much for trusting me with the details of your day. I loved working with you. And I'm so excited to see your marriage grow - yay Facebook! :)


Thanks to Sweet Caroline for the pics!

The Cast of Vendors:
Florist: Last Petal
Photographer: Sweet Caroline
Recep Music: Full Circle Media