What To Pack for Your Honeymoon

It's a question we hear often, and the answer varies depending on your destination. However, according to honeymoon expert Skip Neal (Your Honeymoon Guru), here are the top ten items every couple should pack, regardless of where they are headed.

1. Passport/Visas or Drivers License
2. Travel documents
3. Emergency contact information
4. Prescriptions & medications
5. Cash/Credit Card and or travelers checks
6. Sunscreen
7. Bathing suit
8. Camera and or video camera
9. First aid kit
10. Walking or comfortable shoes

And I will add one more: Your cell phone (though some would disagree with me).

We love Skip! If you haven't already, you should contact him. No one knows honeymoon destinations better ... and it's free of charge to you. Why not?

Happy travels, Resha

Don't Forget about Fido

Okay, so it's probably not "Fido" these days...but you get my drift. In all the wedding planning frenzy, don't forget to make accommodations for your furbabies while you are off on your honeymoon getaway. One of my favorite spots for animal lodging in Houston is Rover Oaks Pet Resort. From luxury suites to bunkhouse accomodations, they have it all...including a spa!

Happy Planning, Resha :-)

Wedding Registry

So you say it's time for you and your hubby to brave the stores and go ahead and register for everything you need to start your life together. Wait, what is that? You don't want a blender or fancy china? OK! Well I have a suggestion for you then! Head over to TravelerJoy and register for your guests to contribute to your amazing honeymoon instead of buying you that fancy toaster.

Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel-Maui, Hawaii

Traveler Joy makes it SUPER easy for your guests to contribute to the cost of your dream honeymoon for you two to enjoy together. Traveling with your honey brings so much quality to your life together. Your honeymoon shouldn't be your first and last vacation together, this should be the first of MANY MANY trips that you take with and maybe even sometimes withouth your love :). It always helps you miss them just a bit more! Anyway, here are some wonderful locales that you can chose for your honeymoon and let TravelerJoy get you there!

Ritz Carlton Europe

Tides Zihuatanjo Mexico

Happy Travels!

Lorena Molina