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Brittany Churchill


When I was ten my Aunt asked me to be a junior bridesmaid in her wedding. Getting to be directly involved with many planning aspects and then being able to see the final outcome ignited my passion for weddings. That passion along with my type-A personality and my excitement for all things organization made the decision to become a wedding coordinator a no brainer. While in college I did a year-long internship with Something to Celebrate, which allowed me to get hands on experience in the industry and further solidified my love of weddings.

Getting to know a couple, and their families, and helping to create an event centered around their life together is so incredibly rewarding. From helping to guide couples through all the decision making to orchestrating your wedding day, my personal goal is for you two to remain stress free throughout the whole process.

I would be absolutely thrilled to help you execute your perfect day!


Brittany Churchill, 512.373.2157