Wedding Inspiration Websites

Since becoming an intern with Something to Celebrate I have started looking at fun and inspirational wedding websites. Of course Martha Stewart is one of the first places I looked. But, being a visual person I tended to look more at sites with mostly photographs that then lead to the article, similar to Pinterest.

The first one, weddinggawker, I discovered because of foodgawker, a food photography website. Weddinggawker was launched in 2010, the third of four user-submitted photo gallery websites. It can be searchable through different categories like bride, flowers, jewelry, ect. All four gawker sites also have been created into iPhone applications! Here are some photos of the site.

The second website is called Its creators call a visual search engine where people can search and share their wedding inspirations. What is fun about is that inspiration can be searched for by color, for example orange. Here are some photos of the site!

And just in case you wanted some more photos.....


Engagement Session (featuring Lora and Derek, with Sweet Caroline Photo)

Should you do an engagement session? Absolutely. Yes. Definitely.  :)

Here's why:
  • You get to know your photographer, and vice versa. I notice a discernible difference in my clients who have Engagement Sessions with their wedding photographers. On the wedding day, these clients are much more at ease with their photographer, which allows the photographer to capture more genuine and intimate emotions.
  • Engagement Sessions are a great way to see how you'll work with your photographer, before the wedding day. I have had one client who actually chose to go with a different photographer for their wedding, because the engagement session showed them that they didn't enjoy working with that particular photographer.
  • You're young, you're fabulous.... you need to capture this time of your life while wearing something other than formal wear or a bridal gown. Excellent photos that capture you as a couple, in the place(s) that are important to you.
  • Guestbooks that incorporate engagement pictures are awesome. The photographer provides an album of images from your Engagement Session, with lots of white/neutral space. Guests love flipping through the books, finding their favorite images to sign around. And the guestbook is then worthy of coffee table display, rather than being tucked on a bookshelf, rarely to be seen again.
  • Save-The-Dates are more personal when they incorporate a picture of you guys, and even better if it's a stunning, professional picture.
When considering your photographer budget and customizing your package, be sure to seriously consider adding an engagement session.

Check out these fun engagement shots of STC couple Lora and Derek, who will be getting married this October. They did their Engagement Session with their wedding photographer, Sweet Caroline Photo.

Happy planning!

Kelly Rucker Photography!

For all you local Dallas brides (And Austin brides too!) I highly recommend you checking out Kelly Rucker Photography. I had a pleasure of having drinks and dinner with her and one of my best friends (Laurie~Seen Below). While in Austin, Kelly took these amazing shots of Laurie! If you have not hired your wedding photograper or need engagement shots/christmas sessions/family photo sessions I wouold contact her ASAP.

She is located in Dallas but would be happy to drive down to Austin to schedule sessions, weddings or events.

If you have any questions you can also email me at

Lorena Alexandria