Wild & Free

When I started working with Something To Celebrate, I thought that this would be an outlet for me to enjoy beautiful things and live vicariously through my clients. In reality, y'alls weddings make me want to have several more of my own! New trends always speak to my multiple personalities and wedding flowers are are at the top of my list right now.

I have recently become obsessed with large bridal bouquets that are a bit wild and undone, full of bright colors, and look like they belong to a bride that I need to be friends with. These are some of my favorite bouquets floating around the internet and they just make me smile :)

These first two are from a local vendor, The Moss & Rose. Lucky for me, Jody has floral workshops and popup shops throughout the year so I have a chance to enjoy her beautiful work and don't even have to be a bride! (Husbands, take note!)

I'm not sure who the florist is for this one, but I sure wish I was invited to this wedding! So romantic.

seen on this blog and photographed by Jen Huang
I don't even know what type of flower this is, but isn't that the most perfect shade of peachy-pink?! Beautiful work by Poppies & Posies on the east coast.

This next one is high on 'frequently viewed' list. I have followed Benfield Photography out of Arkansas for years and his best friend recently got married. This is a borrowed Instagram photo of Pigmint's amazing work. I can't wait to see the professional photos!

Now let's all pretend we can frolic through fields and create our own beautiful bouquets this weekend!