If You are going to Cook...

You should look adorable doing it. I own one Jessie Steele apron already, and I plan to buy many, many more. I'm not always in the mood to cook, but a cute apron helps get me motivated.

You can find this style and many, many more online at the Jessie Steele website, or locally (for our Houston readers) at Sur La Table. Photo credit: Jessie Steele.

Happy shopping,


Hot New Registry Item

I am a huge fan of Le Creuset - I've been cooking with it for 6 years now. I love it. I love that you don't have to clean the pots right away because they look beautiful sitting on top of the stove. To someone as picky as I am about keeping things clean, that feature is a Godsend.

I just found out that Le Creuset has a fabulous new Cassoulet Set. I want one. You should register for one (currently $199 at Williams Sonoma). I can't tell you how often I think it would come in handy.

Bon Appetit, Resha :-)

Photo Credit and where to buy: Williams Sonoma