RSVP Online!

It is becoming very popular for couples to set-up a wedding website to inform guests of specifics of the wedding weekend, as well as providing guests fun facts about the couple. Did you know that on most of these websites it gives you the option of RSVP'ing online?
For my wedding I set-up a website through The Knot and had my guests RSVP on the website. You set-up your guest list on your Knot profile and as guests respond it automatically updates on your guest list, as well as sending you an email with the guests response. Having our guests RSVP online aslo saved us money and trees! We did not have to purchase response cards, envelopes, and the stamps for those cards. I highly reccommend going this route, it saves you the headache of keeping track of all the responses and manually updating your guest list, as well as saving you money and making your wedding a little more echo friendly. What could be better than that!

Happy Planning!
Lauren Carrillo

Wedding at Star Hill Ranch - M and J

I LOVED working with this couple! So fun, so chic, so Austin (which is a bit ironic, given they live in NY!). But you'll love them too. Check out these awesome photos from their photographer,

Lettuce Turnip


Doors to the chapel

Ring bearer's pillow

love love LOVED her shoes!!!

The cake, inspired by their dog.

Congratulations M and J!! Thank you so much for trusting us with the details of your day.



Happy Planet!

So browsing the internet I stumbled upon this very interesting website about our planets "Happiness Index". I took a test that is supposed to give you your Personal Happy Planet index, your Life Expectancy, and your ecological footprint.

I scored 60.9 on my Personal Happy Planet index. Meaning that I am above the world average on what I do to conserve this planet, but I still could improve some. I know the main areas were I need to improve are DRIVING. I need to try and carpool/cycle/use public transportation more often.

For the Life Expectancy index I scored a life expectancy of 98.8 years, LOL, lets hope that holds true for myself and for friends!

For the Ecological Footprint, I scored that I use 2-3 times my share of planet resources..YIKES! Will start changing that ASAP!

Guess what country scored the HIGHEST on wasting planet resources....(drumroll please..) THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Come on guys! We all need to start taking better care of our planet, (myself included).

Costa Rica however scored near the top of the index and uses their fair share of the planets resources! Cheers to Costa Rica!

How can we do this while planning our weddings you ask?
  • Donate goods from your wedding to your wedding planner, caterer, or a good will to bring happiness to future brides
  • Buy 100% PCW recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine. Encourage guests to recycle their invitations, or have seeds embedded in the paper so that guests can plant the invitations and enjoy the flowers that grow from them.
  • Find a caterer who will provide vegetarian and organic entrees.
  • Use potted plants in place of cut flowers for centerpieces. These can then be given as gifts or enjoyed in your home.
  • Visit where you can find out wonderful ways to raise money for charity through your wedding favors, gift registry, and honeymoon!
There are so many ways to help your community and earth!
Happy Planning!

How Crafty Are You? | DIY Austin Wedding Planning

I don't know if I should be proud of this, but I consider myself pretty crafty. Yep, I love scrapbooking, knitting, sewing... I wish I had more time for craftiness!

I instantly fell in LOVE with these DIY lanterns.

And the blogger even gives step-by-step instructions so gather some crafty friends, whip up some mojitos and make a night of it! (And invite me....) ;)


sustainable place cards

When it comes to your place cards, think outside of the box! These potted succulents not only serve as decor and communicate seating assignments, but they also serve as favors that will continue to live and grow! LOVE it. :)
What are some of the place card ideas you've seen?
As your Wedding Coordinator, we're happy to help you brainstorm ideas that say Austin or Travel or Green or ... anything that ties in with your theme and conveys your personalities.


Pictures courtesy of

Oh Happy Day!

When I first met Liz, I liked her instantly. She had great style. And she also had the largest planning binder I had ever seen. From Colin Cowie to Martha to In Style Weddings, she had pages torn out of every wedding magazine and book and blog under the sun. And as I learned during the wedding toasts, this wedding binder had become quite infamous in this couple's relationship. I never heard.. but I fully expect that her ginormous binder was thrown into Lady Bird Lake post-wedding :)

Like so many brides, Liz had been planning her wedding ever since she was a little girl. Only this wedding was going to be a little different -- meet the lovely Carrie. Together Liz and Carrie (okay... mostly Liz) worked with us all the way from Boston to create a very special commitment ceremony celebration.

I know I say this about all of my weddings, but this was one of my favorites!! Liz and Carrie have stellar taste. I loved the monochromatic palette and clean modern elements we incorporated into this eco-chic celebration. From the succulents to their oh-so-cute choreographed first dance to their fabulous pink shoes, this wedding was super stylish and so much fun for all their guests. And so fun to plan!

Every element in their wedding told a story -- their favorite Austin hangout (the Hotel San Jose) inspired the agave on their stationery, the tables were named after the couple's many vacations and the specialty drinks were favorite family recipes.

It was a great night. Lots of laughter, happy tears and yummy cupcakes! Cortney and I have said MANY times since this wedding that we have never seen a group with so much love.

When I look back at Liz and Carrie's wedding program, I am struck by the last paragraph:

"We were legally married in Massachusetts on June 20th, 2008. We look forward to the day when our union, and those like it, will be recognized and legal throughout the United States and the world."

Well said, ladies.

I am so thankful we could be a part of this special day.


Photos courtesy (many thanks, Melanie!!) of Melanie West Photography.