Weddings to Celebrate: Justine and Tom

I first met Justine and Tom at his sister's wedding, where he was in need of help with a jacket button gone rogue. Little did we know I'd soon be helping him plan his own wedding!

I have so loved getting to work with this family again, and adding Justine to the mix makes it all the more sweet.

We planned a garden chic wedding in the Austin hill country over Memorial Day weekend, and despite a few curve-balls thrown at us by the weather (tornadoes and floods, eek!), we pulled it off beautifully.

Congratulations, Justine and Tom!

With love,




Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

With the weather requiring us to move the ceremony indoors, I love this shot reflecting the gardens just on the other side of the window.

With the weather requiring us to move the ceremony indoors, I love this shot reflecting the gardens just on the other side of the window.

Floral chandelier

Floral chandelier

Lily and AJ! Yay!

Lily and AJ! Yay!

The team of vendors who made this happen:

Wild & Free

When I started working with Something To Celebrate, I thought that this would be an outlet for me to enjoy beautiful things and live vicariously through my clients. In reality, y'alls weddings make me want to have several more of my own! New trends always speak to my multiple personalities and wedding flowers are are at the top of my list right now.

I have recently become obsessed with large bridal bouquets that are a bit wild and undone, full of bright colors, and look like they belong to a bride that I need to be friends with. These are some of my favorite bouquets floating around the internet and they just make me smile :)

These first two are from a local vendor, The Moss & Rose. Lucky for me, Jody has floral workshops and popup shops throughout the year so I have a chance to enjoy her beautiful work and don't even have to be a bride! (Husbands, take note!)

I'm not sure who the florist is for this one, but I sure wish I was invited to this wedding! So romantic.

seen on this blog and photographed by Jen Huang
I don't even know what type of flower this is, but isn't that the most perfect shade of peachy-pink?! Beautiful work by Poppies & Posies on the east coast.

This next one is high on 'frequently viewed' list. I have followed Benfield Photography out of Arkansas for years and his best friend recently got married. This is a borrowed Instagram photo of Pigmint's amazing work. I can't wait to see the professional photos!

Now let's all pretend we can frolic through fields and create our own beautiful bouquets this weekend!

Non-floral Bouquets

When most brides pick their bouquets, the typically go straight for flowers, which are beautiful. But if you are looking for something a little different, there are several unique, interesting, and still beautiful non-floral bouquet ideas. Look below for some inspiration!

(I thought this was really interesting!)

Another bonus when having a non-floral bouquet is that they are easier to save because you don't have to preserve them like flowers!

Happy Planning!


Decorating the Aisle

The aisle is where you make your grand entrance for everyone to see you on the big day, so don't forget to make it look special! There are so many ways to decorate the aisle, from something simple and elegant to something colorful and extravagant. Below is a collection of different styles to give you some inspiration!

Happy Planning!

*the top three photos were found on Pinterest

Weddings to Celebrate :: Leslie and Andy {Barton Creek Resort, Austin, TX}

Mood Board page from the Design Board I created for Leslie's wedding

Classic, lush, stunning.... this wedding was so much fun to design! Leslie and her mother, Kay, hired me about one year prior to help with their long-distance planning. We spent a lot of time together, and the hard work paid off. So excited to show you the images, captured by Stacy Cross! At the end, I've also included a video preview that you don't want to miss.

Leslie and Kay - thank you so much for choosing me. Your attention to detail and aspirations for perfection were a delight to work with. I miss working with you ladies!

Leslie and Andy - congratulations!! Your celebration was one for the books, and it was such a joy to see you enjoy every second of it. :)

Much love to the three of you!

Not sure who was more emotional - Leslie or her sister. :) Love.

Leslie and Andy were able to spend some time together after their "First Look."

Gorgeous people!

Barton Creek Resort :: Pavilion

Aisle marker in urn by David Kurio Designs

Truly a collaborative creation, we spend a lot of time planning this Chuppah. Couldn't be more pleased with what David Kurio produced!

Two of the three table designs

Third table design in ballroom. Picture Display in atrium.

Amazing dessert display - bananas foster, creme brûlée, and a large assortment of truffles, parfaits, cheesecake bites, etc. Lovely.


Leslie & Andy, the Introduction from Chris P. Jones on Vimeo.

Cast of Vendors:
Jessica Moore of Something To Celebrate
Barton Creek Resort
Stacy Cross Photography
Mason Jar Productions
David Kurio Designs
Dennis Prager
Collector's Item
High Island Hepcats
Emerald Entertainment
BBJ Linen
Marquee Event Group
Ilios Lighting
Say Cheese
Pamela's Beauty Secrets
Maris Malone Calderon Makeup Artistry

DIY Projects

Whether it's because you're on a budget, or simply because you are crafty, there are a ton of fun do-it-yourself projects that you could use for your wedding.

These candle-holders can be used to set your tables and are very quick and easy to make. You just need some old jars, yarn, masking tape, spray paint and fabric, as well as candles to put inside. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

These beautiful chiffon and tulle flowers can be used in your hair, on your bridesmaids' dresses, as a cake decoration, or as decor for your wedding venue. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

If you're into flowers, creating your own bouquet could be a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

If you want to send your guests home with favors that you can make yourself, or even just favors for your bridal party and special guests, these bottles are a great way to show your appreciation by including personalized notes inside. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

For outdoor weddings, monogrammed luminaries are a creative way to light up the pathway with your initials or a nice message. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

If you like to sew, then you probably have most of the materials needed to make this garter for your wedding day. This could be a fun project and maybe even a stress-reliever. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

Finally, these do-it-yourself wedding fan programs are so pretty if you have the time to create them yourself. All you need besides a computer and printer are some scissors, cover stock, and some eyelets and eyelet-setter tools. Photo credit and tutorial found here.

These are just a few ways to add some personal touches to your wedding if you like to be hands-on. They are also great for keeping costs down and making space in your budget for something else. There are so many fun projects for your wedding that you could do yourself if you just get creative. If you have trouble coming up with fresh, new ideas, browsing the internet is always great for inspiration.


The Language of Flowers

Photo from

Choosing flowers for your big day can be a bit overwhelming. There are SO many types, textures, colors and scents, it can be hard to know where to start. Because I'm a romantic (or maybe because I obsessively watch BBC dramas about the 19th century) I love the idea of the language of flowers.

Photo from

Ladies used to await a bouquet, or a posy, from that special someone so they could analyze just what he thought about her and their romance. Here's some of those meanings--why not incorporate a flower or plant because of what it means, adding a unique, thoughtful touch to your bouquet and decor?

Garden rose: Love 
Ranunculus: You are "radiant with charms"
Dogwood: Duration
Tulip: A declaration of love
Ivy: Friendship or fidelity
Fern: Magic
Lily-of-the-valley: Return of happiness
Pink carnation: Woman's love
Snowdrop: Hope
Lilac: First emotions of love
Sweet pea: Delicate pleasures
Peonies: Bashful
Wheat: Wealth and prosperity

Both photos above from

Happy flower hunting, and remember,

Love is in the details,