Would You Wear a Pink Wedding Gown?

I am a classic kind of girl and never put much thought into colorful wedding gowns, but recently I overheard an entertainment news story on how colorful wedding gowns are becoming popular. I started to think about this a little more and I found two gowns I really love that happen to be pink. The gowns were worn by Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel. They both have a soft and romantic look that seems perfectly fitting for a bride, even though they are not white. I love the blush color of Reese's and the sweetness in Jessica's. What do you think? Would you wear pink?


Images from People Magazine

Accessories: Belts

Belts are an adorable accessory to add to your wedding dress if you are looking for a little more sparkle, ruffles, flowers, or color. Belts also can be a cute way to distinguish your maid of honor or are the perfect accessory if you want a way to dress up or change all the bridesmaids dresses. Below are some cute examples! 

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Preserving Memories

Something that brides might not think about amidst all the hub-bub of planning is preserving their wedding dress, either for a future daughter or relative to wear, or just because you love it! Unfortunately, clothing starts the process of breaking down from the instant you wear it, slow as it may be (we're talking many, many years). The dresses here are from ca. 1880, 1910 and 1960 (all from the fantastic Brooklyn Museum clothing collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Although stunning, look closely and you'll see stains, discoloration, torn tulle and fragile silk.

It's not glamorous, but the reality is that sweat, dirt from the floor, a splash of wine, or an unknown stain (a dropped green bean or a dollop of frosting) will show up years later if not properly cared for. Fear not! There are things you can do to slow down this process.

Here's how to slow the march of time:

1. Find a cleaner you trust and who doesn't use PERC, an environmentally harmful substance that dry cleaners have traditionally used. Ask your married friends or the salon you purchased your dress from for recommendations. Hand-cleaning would be best (or a mixture of the two), especially if you have intricate beading or fragile fabrics on your dress. Request a thorough inspection of your dress so you feel confident the cleaner is using the best materials for your specific piece. Do this as soon as possible after your wedding because the longer the stains sit on the fabric, the greater the risk they will be set. Maybe it can be your maid of honor's final duty to drop your dress off at the cleaner you choose while you are sipping a mai tai on your honeymoon!

2. Make sure the cleaner you choose uses acid-free tissue or muslin (no plastic please) to wrap your dress, and properly pads the dress. Over time, if silk isn't properly folded, it gets dry and will crack, so every fold needs to be padded with acid-free tissue. Preferably, once padded, the dress would be loosely wrapped in muslin (a non-dyed cotton fabric). This will prevent any dust or other rogue contaminants from settling on your dress. Lastly, the dress should be placed in an acid-free box (no cardboard!!). The Container Store sells archival acid-free boxes you can purchase if your cleaner doesn't have that available.

3. Store your little bundle in a place that is relatively temperature stable (cold is better than hot)and that isn't exposed to drastic temperature changes or humidity fluctuations.

The expense of this process (probably anywhere from $300-$1000, depending on the material and complexity of your dress) is worth it. Your dress, which was possibly a major expense in itself, is a reminder of the happy moments of your wedding day, so treat it as the heirloom it will become.

BHLDN is now open!

BHLDN officially opened its doors yesterday at its very first location in Houston's own Highland Village. For those of you who don't know, BHLDN (pronounced beholden) is Anthropologie's sister store for all things wedding. From the moment you set foot in the store you are whisked away to a world of romance, beauty and whimsy. The stores beautiful palette of gray, white and stunning distressed wood combinded with its warm lighting is not only inviting, but incredibly calming, as well.

When you enter the store you walk into a room filled with amazing bridesmaid and any occassion dresses. Sprinkled around the room are cases filled with stunning headpieces made by Jennifer Behr and vintage beaded bags they found at French flea markets. You then head down a wide hallway where you find the decor room tucked away to the side. This is a small dark paneled room filled with the most amazing little things- from stationary, to unique escort card holders, to handmade cake toppers, you are sure to find something to add that special touch to your special day. Heading back out to the hallway you enter into the store's shoe salon and accessories space. Right off of the shoe salon is the room dedicated to the most amazing, delicatly beautiful lingere. You then walk to the back of the store, and just when you think things can't get any better, they do! The room is filled with mannequins dressed in BHLDN's stunning collection of wedding gowns. The gowns are priced from $600-$6,000 and range from size zero to twelve. The amazing thing about BHLDN is that you can have your gown in hand within three days of purchasing it!

On Wednesday I had the privilage of attending BHLDN's Wedding Indusrty Brunch. Below are a few pics I snapped on my phone's camera :)

One neat fact I learned from talking to BHLDN's incredibly sweet staff is that each of the spacious dressing lounges are equppied with iPod docks so Bride's can listen to their own Ipod!

Happy Shopping!

Wedding Dress: Austin, Texas

Is it time to buy your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Gather your mom and girlfriends and head over to Blush Bridal Lounge in Central Austin. With great customer service and dresses that fit every budget, you won't walk away disappointed. Make sure to make an appointment with one of the Blush ladies! Enjoy shopping their collection of beautiful designer gowns!

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Contact them @
1815 West 35th StreetAustin, TX 78703 Phone (512) 407-9236

Lorena Molina

Monique Lhuillier

One of my favorite wedding dress designers of all times is Monique Lhuillier. She is fabulous in my opinion and I would give anything for the oppurtunity for her to design a dress for me one day! (Yeah right!) although I will settle for a ready to wear dress :). Anyway, check out some of her 2010 Spring Collection peices...Fabulous!

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Lorena Molina