Melissa and James

Melissa and James.... Where do I start....?

I've been working with this pair (as well as her mom and adorable little sister) since the summer of 2005. And before you start thinking that over two years is a long time to plan a wedding, let me share with you that Melissa has been planning this wedding since long before that..... she started her planning binder when she was 8 years old!

Countless dinners and cups of chai later, it was such an amazing blessing to be a part of their wedding day. From Simon Lee's 5-tier cake to Coby Neal's towering centerpieces, Melissa and James' reception was stunning. And the striking details didn't stop with their cast of all-star vendors, Melissa and James added their own personal touches as well. For example, this dog-loving couple made sure that the guests remembered their canine counterparts by providing a "Doggie Treat Bar," allowing guests to make a to-go bag of doggie treats for their best friends.

I'm so glad that Melissa and James have decided to stay put in Austin - I see many more dinners and chais in our future. :) Congratulations guys!!!


Photos courtesy of Jennifer Lindberg Weddings.

"Aw, you're so sweet you made my cry!! I can't believe you got your hands on photos before I did! I love them!!"