Weddings to Celebrate: Jessica & Aaron

Jessica & Aaron had their beautiful May wedding at Red Corral Ranch. From the caricature artist and tropical jazz band to the late night smores, guests had an absolute blast celebrating with the amazing couple. Below are some great photos from Brad of Hyde Park Photography.


{Cast of Vendors}
Venue: Red Corral Ranch
Coordinator: Something to Celebrate, Lauren Carrillo
Photographer: Hyde Park Photography
Florist: Last Petal
Rentals: Premiere Party Central
Caterer: Pok-e-Jo's
Cakes: Michelle's Patisserie
Bartenders: DNA Events
DJ: Altared Weddings
Band: Acoustic Jungle
Caricature Artist: Caricature by Kevins
Hair & Makeup: Pamela's Beauty Secrets

Wedding Planning Advice: Send-off Items

In American weddings, we have a tradition of distributing a "send off" item to guests at the end of the night that they then use to celebrate the bride and groom as they exit the reception.

Previous generations used rice exclusively for their wedding send-offs. This tradition stemmed from Roman times when wheat (as a symbol of fertility) was thrown at the bride and groom. Under Queen Elizabeth I, wheat was replaced with wheat cakes, which were broken into pieces and thrown. These wheat cakes were later replaced by the more affordable substitute of rice.

These days, rice is rarely the send-off item of choice, largely because of an urban legend that rice makes birds explode when ingested. Aside from this misconception, there are many other reasons rice is rarely chosen - rice is difficult to clean-up, it's a slipping hazard, and it HURTS when you're pelted with a handful of rice.

Italian tradition is to throw confetti, symbolizing money and good fortune. Scottish tradition is to throw flower petals as a symbol of fertility. Both of these options can be troublesome to clean-up crews and are thus forbidden by many reception venues. What are other options?

Our clients frequently choose sparklers, which make a beautiful exit. But sparklers have their own troubles - they are dangerous for obvious reasons (especially when handled by inebriated guests) and are frequently not allowed, especially when there's an active "burn ban" in the area.

Bubbles are another popular option, but create a silent send-off, as it's impossible to cheer and blow bubbles at the same time.

Noise makers, streamers, kazoos, glowsticks - we've seen so many great, creative choices for send-off items!

Recently, I've noticed an increased number of couples choosing to forgo the send-off items all together, leaving the guests to simply cheer and applaud. I must say, I love this trend! It eliminates unnecessary waste, is safe, and is just as fun as the other options. Win!

What did/will you use for your send-off item? Why?

Happy Planning!

Weddings to Celebrate :: Tori and Casey at Red Corral Ranch

Oh how I love working at Red Corral Ranch! It's a gorgeous venue that's so easy to personalize - each wedding we do there looks different from the next. I am honored to be able to work at Red Corral Ranch so often, and am so grateful to be on their list of preferred vendors.

I first met Tori and her mom over one year ago, and knew almost instantly that I wanted to work with them. Like mother like daughter, these two young women are so sweet, and truly best friends. I loved being their "day of" wedding coordinator. :)

Tori and Casey (and Michelle!), thank you so much for trusting us with your day. It was a fabulous celebration, and Travis was quite possibly the best Best Man ever. God's richest blessings on your marriage. Keep in touch!


Cast of Vendors:
Something To Celebrate
Red Corral Ranch
Royal Fig
Michelle's Patisserie
Rosehip Flora
Debra Gulbas Photography
Musical Discovery Chamber Players
Full Circle Media
Jentri Quinn

Weddings to Celebrate :: Tori and Robby, Red Corral Ranch, Wimberley

Ahh my heart is at Red Corral Ranch. As I get ready for this weekend's wedding at Red Corral Ranch, I can't help but think of my last wedding at the same venue, with a bride of the same name (this weekend Tori S, last wedding was Tori D)!

Tori was sent to me by one of my favorite brides, Lisa, and I helped Tori and Robby with just about every aspect of their wedding. There's was a beautiful and FUN celebration, and I'm so excited to share the images captured by Bloom Photography.

Tori and Robby - thank you so much for choosing me to help with your amazing day. I truly had a blast working with you, and miss you already! Congratulations to you both!


Mood Board page from the Design Board I created for Tori and Robby
A page from the Design Board I created for Tori and Robby

I love fiddlehead fern! Such a whimsy but elegant touch.

Love these two!

Hayride from cocktail hour to reception, with a few mariachis on-board

Cast of vendors:
Jessica Moore, with Jacklyn Rudd, of Something To Celebrate

Timelapse set-up

Check out this timelapse video of the set-up for this past weekend's reception. When we realized that the camera in the corner of the room was randomly taking pictures of us, we were a little freaked out - but what a treat! LOVE that Ben Godkin captured this! A great way to show the transformation of the barn.

Reception Set-up Timelapse from Ben Godkin on Vimeo.

I can't wait to see the rest of the images Ben caught this weekend! I'll be sure to share with you as soon as I do.

Happy planning!
jessica :)

This weekend's wedding

Bea and Sam are getting married this weekend, and I am so excited! Love this couple (and her mom!). I can't wait to share their day with you!

In the meantime, an engagement photo of Bea and Sam courtesy of Ben Godkin. Aren't they gorgeous??

You should check out Bea's blog, as well.


Deanna and Scott

Deanna and Scott are such a great couple. Both were very involved in the wedding and really wanted it to reflect their personalities, from the wine to the escort cards to the bridal procession. I’ve never seen such an extensive selection of wine at a wedding! Their efforts did not go unnoticed. This wedding looked like it was straight out of a movie. The guests dined underneath sprawling oak trees wrapped in Christmas lights. It was absolutely breathtaking! And once the sun set, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It all came together perfectly at the beautiful Red Corral Ranch. Linda Allen Catering provided wonderful food and the Dale Watson band had guests dancing all night long.


Photos courtesy of Picturegirl Photography.