A photo booth picture is worth a thousand words!

I know photo booths have been done over and over, but that did not stop me from having one at my wedding and I am so glad it didn't! Some of my favorite memories from my wedding night revolve around the photo booth! Instead of having guests place their photos in a scrapbook I had them keep one and place the other in a jar. I eventually put all of the photos on a framed cork board I made. Here is how I did it!

1. I purchased a poster size picture frame, adhesive cork, and foam board from Michael's.
2. I then adhered the adhesive cork to the foam board.
3. Then I removed the glass from the picture frame and placed my newly made cork board into the frame.

Once I finished my cork board, I laid out all of the photo booth pictures and began placing them on the cork board with push pins.
It was amazing to see as the night progressed people who had only met early that evening were in the photo booth taking silly pictures together and just having an all around great time! A photo booth picture is definitely worth a thousand words and by having this frame hung in my bedroom, every time I glance over I get to relive the most amazing day of my life!

Say Cheese!
Lauren Carrillo
Photo booth was provided by SAY CHEESE!