Kristie and Brett

During the planning process, Kristie and I discovered that our husbands have a lot in common! Military, metal-working, and darn good taste in wife choosing. I love that Kristie and Brett did not let a little rain ruin their outdoor wedding and when the time came for the reception to end, they wanted to extend the party! Kudos to the awesome vendors that stayed a little later at no additional charge. I think the party even continued at the couple's house, after the extended reception! Kristie and Brett - may the party never end. :)


Photos courtesy of Schmitt Photography.

"Thank you both for doing such a wonderful job. You will be recieving a proper thank you letter, but I just wanted to express how you both were the keystone to making it such a wonderful day. I was able to truly relax because I knew you were handling it!" -Kristie