Sara and Michael

Sara has been a real trooper! When we first met, she was having some caterer issues and I had some tough advice for her. I am so impressed with her choices and she had a great wedding as a result. Congrats Sara and Michael!


Photos courtesy of Schmitt Photography.

Dear Jessica,

On behalf of my husband and I, I’m writing to thank you for your services as our wedding coordinator. I don’t think I can adequately describe how much your help and expertise put me at ease throughout the planning process, during the rehearsal, and on our wedding day. I do know that our wedding day would have been MUCH more stressful and frantic if you and your husband hadn’t been with us. I was so relaxed in the weeks coming up to our wedding and on the actual day just knowing you were with us and you could easily handle any situation that came up.

I greatly appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail as our coordinator. It was really wonderful to be able to rely on your experience and knowledge in addressing all the important components of a wedding. You were an expert in all etiquette and tradition issues, which I greatly appreciated, but you never pressured me towards any decision. I always felt comfortable voicing my preferences in our work together.

Your willingness to go above and beyond my expectations will never be forgotten! Using your knowledge of music and composition to help us rewrite the song we had members of our bridal party sing during the ceremony was so kind of you!

Your timeliness also really helped us keep our rehearsal and wedding on track!

All in all, your services put me at ease during the planning process all the way up until the wedding! I can’t stress enough how much I value the services you provided us with. The fee we paid for your work was WELL, WELL worth it!