Cancer Research

So I wanted to take a break from weddings (for one quick second) to mention a cause that is dear to my heart. Team in Training is an organization that raises money for Blood Cancer research while preparing people to train for an endurance event. I did my first triathlon almost two years ago with Team in Training and completed my first Olympic distance triathlon here in Austin, Texas. I raised $3,800.00 dollars for blood cancer research.

Well I am back for more, and am once again training for another triathlon, except this time I am racing in Maui, Hawaii on June 12th! I have pledged to raise almost $6,000.00 dollars and can't do this alone. I am asking that you guys PLEASE check out my fundraising page and donate 10, 20, 30 dollars? Every little bit helps! For one night of staying in with your honey instead of dinner you can put that money towards something wonderful! NOTE: ALL donations are tax deductible. The receipt you get after making an online donation can be used for your tax deduction.

Also, if anyone has been wanting to try out an endurance event but has never found the time, are too nervous, or just unsure. I HIGHLY recommend doing your first event with Team In Training. It is a life changing experience! Thank you to all our wonderful readers for your support!

Lorena Alexandria Molina