First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Let's hop right in and take a look at some of my favorite gift ideas for first wedding anniversaries.

Monogrammed stationery is at the top of my list for almost any occasion, but for a wedding anniversary it's particularly charming if the bride has taken her new husband's name. Such a sweet sentiment when coming from the proud groom. 

In this digital world, a beautiful pen might not get used as much as it would have in past generations, but I would jump at every chance! Men and women alike will both appreciate the gesture. {Have it engraved with your wedding date for bonus points!}

Tickets. The options are endless! Take your husband on a date to see his favorite band or football team and promise not to complain :). Lee and I are taking a trip to New York City for our anniversary and I plan on printing our boarding passes from the United app {digital world, remember :)} and framing them to keep. Do the same with your tickets to help hold on to that memory.
Where did you and your husband fall in love? Is there a city that is significant to your relationship? Find a drawing or print that helps tell your love story. With so many creative artists on Etsy, it will be hard to choose one!

The vows that you recited in front of your family and friends are so meaningful, but so easily forgotten in the day to day. This beautiful print from Southern Weddings is the perfect reminder to celebrate those very important words.
city print | vows
Lastly, if all else fails, a love letter can mean so much more than a gift ever can. Tell your spouse exactly how many days you've loved them with this personalized card and have it framed afterward. Fun fact: I wrote my vows on Emily's 'You're My Very Favorite' card <3
romantic card

Accessories: Belts

Belts are an adorable accessory to add to your wedding dress if you are looking for a little more sparkle, ruffles, flowers, or color. Belts also can be a cute way to distinguish your maid of honor or are the perfect accessory if you want a way to dress up or change all the bridesmaids dresses. Below are some cute examples! 

Happy Planning!

All Things Cake

I am a huge fan of good cake. And I firmly believe in highlighting your cake on your wedding day. Why put something that costs $4-$8 / slice in the corner of the room unattended and un-highlighted? To paraphrase the late Patrick Swayze, "Nobody puts cake in the corner." Not on my watch, at least :-)

One of the easiest ways to give your cake an extra boost is by using a fabulous cake stand. Here are a few cute ideas for stands (some you would have to modify to fit a wedding cake) from Etsy (have I mentioned how much I love Etsy?):

And here are a few of my favorite cake tables from past weddings I've coordinated. (Pictures in this section are courtesy of Anne Marie Photography, Studio 563, and Eric Hegwer Photography.)

And just for fun (and so you can see just how serious I am about cake), here are a couple of pictures of my personal wedding cakes...

Happy Planning! Resha :-)

Ceramic "Pillow" for your Ring Bearer

Yesterday, I met Caroline.
Caroline (of Paloma's Nest) is somewhat famous in the wedding-related blog world because she makes these awesome variations on the traditional ring bearer pillow:

Her tagline is "Handcrafted modern heirlooms" and that is so appropriate! Many of my brides have used their family's heirloom ring bearer pillow, but they end up being so delicate - yellowed, brittle fabric held together with restitching or cleverly placed lace - that I'm almost scared to let the cute little ring bearers touch them! The traditional ring bearer pillow just can't withstand the hardships of time.

But a ceramic bowl? What a great way to carry on your family's tradition and add a new (and durable!) heirloom to the collection! In just 3 weeks, Caroline will personally create this piece of art for your wedding....

I really love this idea, but I am also pretty darn impressed by the artist herself. She's so sweet and humble. And her Etsy rating is 100%, so I'm guessing her charm shines through in each transaction. Plus, she's one of our South Austin neighbors. :) Introduce yourself, and tell her I sent you her way.

And be sure to check out the other unique items on her site:



Etsy is one of my favorite websites at the moment. I can spend hours at a time finding amazing designs. Don't forget about ETSY when you are planning your wedding. Here are a few things that I found that I think would make great touches to any wedding! Have fun shopping! If you need help envisioning what this would add to your decor, always remember that you can just ask us!
Custom design Hair pins

Floating Poms for a garden wedding

Burlap Favor bags
As favor bags for a country wedding!

The Mexican Love Flag as seem in Martha Stewart Weddings (These would be beautiful strung across a courtyard, and lots of candles everywhere!

Wedding Signs
Cute signs to point your guests in the right direction!


A picture is worth a thousand words...

So I'm going to try to be brief...and succinct. Which may or may not work out so well. Let's try.
We all know that fashion makes rounds. Ask any teenager who is wearing leg warmers and neon slap bracelets and they'll tell you all about 80's fashion. Even if they weren't even AROUND in the 80's. To that end, women have been choosing vintage-styled veils for their wedding. Here are a few of my favorites from my FAVORITE website, Etsy
I love this veil from Etsy seller MyRakim. I love the red flower.

Ostrich feathers are huge right now. And this headpiece from QGDesigns is beautiful. Add a veil under her bun.

Another ostrich-type veil, this cage-cap is perfect for the vintage bride. And seller BrendasBridalVeils has a ton more to choose from. Plus, it's only $42.99! You can't beat that!

This vintage headpiece from Portobello makes me swoon. The crystals add a touch of sparkle, and the flower is beautiful in dark hair.

So those are my favorite head pieces. What's yours?