Weddings to Celebrate: Angelica and Matt, Emmaus and The Mansion at Judge's Hill

Angelica and Matt are one of the sweetest couples ever, so obviously in love, the kind of love that truly honors the other person. They got married in the gorgeous Emmaus in Lakeway and had their reception at the elegant Mansion atJudge's Hill the first weekend in May. For their decor, they chose soft pink tones and romantic flowers like peonies (that smelled amazing!). With the twinkling lights at the Mansion, it was truly a magical evening. Angelica and Matt, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, it was a pleasure to be around y'all .  I wish you many years of happiness ahead!
Enjoy these gorgeous photos by Caroline+Ben.

A cute favor idea...the couple lives in California and wanted their guests to enjoy some sparkling pink bubbly from their adopted state. So fun!

Cast of Vendors
Coordinator: Something to Celebrate, Katie Netherton
Photographer: Caroline+Ben
Florist: Central Market
Venue and Catering: The Mansion at Judge's Hill

Weddings to Celebrate:: Karen and Curtis, Emmaus and Barton Creek Country Club

Karen and Curtis hired me as their day-of coordinator, and I was thrilled to make sure their day was as beautiful and seamless as they envisioned it to be. The decor was gorgeous, very elegant and sophisticated (just like the couple!). They said their vows at the exquisite Emmaus Church in Lakeway, then partied the night away--this was a bunch that liked to celebrate--at Barton Creek Country Club. Karen chose a chic palette of crisp champagne, creamy white and sage green. Karen and Curtis, I wish you many years of happiness together! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

This was a hilarious game where the bridesmaids blindfolded Curtis
and made him choose which lady was his new bride by, well, feel.

Notice they added a surprise at the end of the row!

Cast of Vendors
Coordinator: Something to Celebrate, Katie Netherton
Florist: Exquisite Petals
Photographer: Studio 563
Videographer: Altared Weddings
Venue: Barton Creek Country Club
Decor: Townsley Designs; Sweet Sunday; Ilios

Wedding Video to Celebrate - Ellen and Jeff

Just saw the trailer for Ellen and Jeff's wedding video and had to share with you. Enjoy!

Ellen + Jeff's Wedding Trailer from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

Ellen, thanks for sharing this with me! Love love love. Can't wait to see the Feature Film!

Couple to Celebrate: Ellen + Jeff

Ellen has hired me to be her day-of coordinator for her wedding. She's a former wedding coordinator herself, so I was so honored when she chose to put her trust in lil ol' me. Her wedding is just around the corner and I have no doubt it'll be fabulous. Be sure to check back for details after the celebration! In the meantime, meet Ellen and Jeff:

· Name
Ellen Flohr & Jeff Cairns

· Wedding Website

· Where's Home?
I am from Houston and Jeff is from Canada but we both currenyly reside in Houston

· Why an Austin Wedding?
So many reasons!!! Mainly, because Austin is where Jeff and I met and fell in love. Jeff moved to Austin when he was 5 yrs old and pretty much grew up there and I moved to Austin for college. Every time we visit, we are so happy and everything there is just beautiful. Jeff's family has a lakehouse on Lake Travis, which is where he proposed to me, so we found it only fitting to have our wedding on Lake Travis. We just have so many wonderful memories that took place in Austin and thought it would be a great "mini-destination" location for all of our guests.

· Length of engagement?
1 yr & 42 days

· How long until the wedding?
15 days, Ah I just got chills typing that!

· Who did you first tell you were engaged?
I called my parents and sister, who were already together and waiting for my phone call. Since everyone was in on the engagement plot, they were all anxiously awaiting my call. Every friend I called already knew about the whole day and were all on their way to Austin for our engagement party the following night. It still amazes me that so many people knew about our engagement and no one ruined it. :) I think Jeff might have called his family to let them know everything worked out and that I had said yes. The whole moment is still a blur to me...such a great surprise.

· If you had to start over in your wedding planning, what one thing would you do differently?
If I had to do it over again, I would be more realistic and take into consideration that life doesn't stop just because you are engaged. It was challenging planning a wedding, being engaged, buying a house, and working a full time job so I would definitely be more eager to accept other people's help. Being somewhat of a control freak, it is had to let other people take things over but I am finding now that it really helps to narrow your list of things to do when you can assign someone else's name next to a task. The whole wedding process can be a stressful yet wonderful road and all pays off on the day of, but I would highly recommend to other brides using all the resources you have at your hands.

· During the ceremony, who will be the first to cry?
I think that it might be me, I don't cry and haven't cried once this whole time we have been engaged but I am starting to think that it is all going to hit on the day-of.

· What are your three favorite blogs/websites (besides STC's)? (so many awesome things on here), joesimonproductions (his videos are amazing), (great diy ideas)

· Why did you hire a wedding coordinator?
I worked for an event planning company and know that there is always something that can come up. Most brides never find out about these things because they have a great team working with them, who will make everything perfect. So, I knew that I needed someone to be there to manage the night and I have absolute confidence that Jessica and her team will make our wedding a true success.

A special anniversary!

Something to celebrate this Monday...

A very happy anniversary to my February 2, 2008 couple -- Mariana & Chris -- who were married exactly one year ago today. They received the ultimate anniversary gift last week -- his name is Jackson and he is too cute! Congrats happy family.


Becky Brock