Destination Wedding: Costa Rica

So, my cousin Chris Perez is preparing to marry Megan Carson who will soon be a part of our crazy family! (I hope she is prepared) Megan has been working very hard for the past year to plan her dream wedding in beautiful Costa Rica. The festivities will take place over Thanksgiving weekend and I am eagerly awaiting this celebration! I wanted to give you a peak into their wedding location and can't wait to post pictures from the actual wedding and my vacation!

Check out Buena Vista Luxury Villas in Quepos, Costa Rica (About 3 hours from the main city of San Juan)
A view of the property
One of the pools on the property
The Actual three bedroom villa that we will be staying in: In our compound we will have (My father, 2 sisters, sister's husband and mom, and of course my AMAZING neice)
Can't wait! Stay tuned for photos form the wedding!